Here are a number of areas where I can help. The shape of my consulting engagements is highly elastic, from just a couple hours, to many months on end, and from full-time focus to an ongoing part-time relationship.  Contact me  to start a conversation of how we may best work together.

Design Organizations

Design Organization Assessment

For Org Design for Design Orgs, I developed the 12 Qualities of Effective Design Organizations. Through conversation and observation, I will use this as a tool for assessing the maturity and sophistication of your design organization against a variety of factors. Coming out of this work, we’ll identify a number of steps to be taken to make your design team more effective.

Design Organization Planning

As companies increasingly invest in building in-house design teams, they often don’t know how best to grow these organizations. What are the various roles and functions? What should be the balance between junior, senior, and management? How will the design organization best align with peer functions?

I’ve built numerous organizations, and counseled others on many more. Drawing from this experience, I can help you chart your path forward and develop a org plan with confidence.

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Design Leadership

Growing Design Leadership

Design leaders emerge from practitioner backgrounds, and often struggle fulfilling their new roles, as the skills that helped them succeed as a designer are not those that will help them lead and manage others.

Having lead teams for 20 years, I know these challenges firsthand. And I’ve worked hard to develop my ‘craft’ of design leadership. I will work with you to figure out how best to realize leadership potential within your design organization. Approaches include training and workshops, leadership assessment, and ongoing coaching and advising.

Interim Head of Design

Often, companies find themselves without a head of design, whether they’ve just realized they needed one, the one they had decided to leave, or something temporary like taking family leave for a few months. Whatever it is they need someone in the quick order to straighten things up, bolster the team, or just keep a steady hand on the tiller.

I have run design teams of many different stripes, and can readily slide into the role whatever the situation. I bring 25 years of experience in UX design practice, creative direction, process development, recruiting and hiring, program management, and even product management.

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Recruiting and Hiring

Ask any design leader what their biggest challenge is, and you’re likely to hear “Recruiting and hiring.” There’s a global war for design talent, and attracting great candidates is extremely difficult. That said, the way most companies approach the recruiting process means they’re getting in their own way and making the situation worse.

Throughout his career, I’ve has hired dozens of designers, researchers, and operations professionals across all levels of experience and for a variety of industries, including for companies with extreme challenges (when I joined Groupon, their stock price was at 2, and I was still able to grow the product design team from 12 to 40 in 18 months).

I will revamp your recruiting and hiring practices from top-to-bottom: role definitions and job descriptions; strategies for sourcing candidates; best practices for initial outreach; a smart and sane interviewing process that respects everybody’s time; committing to that final hiring decision and presenting an attractive offer.

I will even roll up my sleeves and drive the hiring of leadership roles, Director-level and above.

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Ongoing Coaching and Advising

While I do not have a formal coaching certification, through my work as an executive, manager, and industry leader, I have coached and advised numerous designers and design leaders. I can provide the services of a thought partner who has “been there,” and can help you as you figure out just how to best move forward, whatever the situation is.

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