I offer masterclasses as an opportunity to dig into the thornier issues of design organizations and design leadership.

These masterclasses were created for public presentation, and thus are designed to be broadly applicable. If you are interested in me teaching these masterclasses in-house, we will set up some time beforehand to find out how I can tailor them to suit your specific situation.


Design Your Design Organization

1 or 2 days

My flagship masterclass, initially drawn from Org Design for Design Orgs, and expanded and evolved through teaching since the book came out.

This masterclass takes you step by step through the considerations necessary to build an effective design organization.

Topics addressed:

  • The Expanded Role of Design
  • Organizational Models for Design
  • Organizing Principles for Design Teams
  • Design in the Broader Organization
  • Establishing Design Culture
  • Role Definition, Skills Taxonomy, and Scope of Influence
  • Maintaining Quality and Productivity
  • The Business Value of Design
  • Design at Scale
  • Team Leadership
  • Levels Framework / Career Ladder
  • People Management for Designers
  • Establishing a DesignOps and Design Program Management Practice

Contact Peter to bring this masterclass to your organization.

Coach, Diplomat, Champion, Architect: The 4 Archetypes of the Design Leader

Half day

Drawn from my conference presentation of the same name, this masterclass takes that subject matter as a foundation for a facilitated conversation about the challenges of design leadership.

Contact Peter to bring this masterclass to your organization.

Recruiting and hiring slide

Recruiting and Hiring for Design Orgs

Half day or full day

This masterclass-in-the-making breaks down the process of recruiting and hiring for design orgs, which proves interestingly different than doing so for other functions. Includes specific tools, such as a Portfolio Assessment tool, a Levels Framework, and Design Leadership Assessment tool.

Contact Peter to bring this masterclass to your organization.