I regularly speak at public events and corporate gatherings (offsites, design weeks).

The following presentations are in my active rotation. Each lasts around 45 minutes (and can easily fill a slot up to 60 minutes with Q&A).

I’m always happy for an impetus to generate new materials, so if you have ideas on what you’d like to hear about, let me know!

Design Your Design Organization

As design evolves, how companies build design organizations must evolve with it. In this talk, I present the standard organizational models for design teams, introduce a new approach that mixes the best elements of the others, and challenge design organizations to embrace their full potential.

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Coach, Diplomat, Champion, Architect:
The Complete Design Leader

As designers grow in their careers, they find that the skills and practices that helped them succeed as a practitioner are not what enable them as a leader and manager. In this talk, I share the four archetypes of the design leader: Coach (managing down), Diplomat (managing across), Champion (managing up), and Architect (managing at scale), and the activities they must embrace to thrive in this role.

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Recruiting and hiring slide

Design At Scale is People!

Design at scale is perhaps the most interesting challenge facing the design industry right now. How do you maintain quality and not get bogged down as your team grows? Much of the discussion focuses on systems and processes, but that starting with systems runs exactly contrary to the true value that design brings to companies, which is a humanistic and creative problem-framing and problem-solving approach. In other words, this focus on systems could ironically undercut design’s potential within organizations. In this talk, I stress how “Design at Scale” is humanism at scale, and share what’s needed to keep people at the center of this work.

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The Experience is the Product

We work and live in an extraordinary age of connectedness. The products that we create communicate experiences that form the basis of our relationship to them, and ultimately to their success. As we move toward more agile processes, with an emphasis on shipping products to market, how do we structure teams to practice in a connected, software-and-services age?

This talk addresses the shortcomings of typical product management, the opportunity that experience-driven thinking provides, and new organizational structures to support products that focus on the experience.

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